MATERIALS and FINISHES │ RAGING JAP-Japanese Design High-Performance Knives


  • D2 Tool Steel

    A high carbon tool steel which is mostly used for making metallic molds or blanking dies. The steel contains about 1.5% of carbon and 12% of chromium that gives it slightly better corrosion resistance than other high carbon tool steels. The steel offers good wear resistance and excellent edge holding ability.

  • VG10 Steel

    VG-10 is a high carbon stainless steel manufactured by Takefu Special Steel in Fukui prefecture Japan.

    The steel contains 1.00% of Carbon and it has good edge retention and excellent corrosion resistance. It is specially designed for high-quality knife blades used in Japanese high-end kitchen knives.
    VG10 steel is also widely used by a numbers of sporting knife manufacturing companies, such as Spyderco, Fallkniven and SOG etc…
  • G-10

    A durable material made of layers of glass fiber soaked in epoxy resin. The material is tough, impervious to moisture and widely used in knife making industries.

  • SG-2 (Super Gold2) Steel

    SG-2 (Super Gold 2) steel is a powder-made stainless steel provided by Takefu Special Steel in Fukui-Pref, Japan.

    The steel contains 1.40 Carbon and 14.00% of Chromium is known for excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance. SPG2 is mostly used for Japanese high end kitchen knives, it is also known as R-2 steel in the kitchen knife industry. In many cases, SPG2 is used as a clad steel with two layers of a stainless steel due to its high cost.
  • PVD

    PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a manufacturing process used to create a durable, corrosion resistant finish onto a metal object.